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5 Stages of Pornography Addiction

In some ways, pornography and adult materials have become a common part of modern society. However, porn can be an addictive behavior. Some people may develop unrealistic expectations of adult behaviors. For example, someone with a porn addiction may have poor ideals for women, marriage, sex, and even children. Unfortunately, pornography addiction thrives when a person feels the need to release emotions.

Once, I felt an overwhelming urge and craving for porn, and you may have already been caught in the grasp of porn addiction. Porn manufacturers, distributors, and actors don’t care if you become addicted to porn; they see your addiction as an opportunity for making money. Think about how an addiction grows stronger with time. Eventually, you are willing to rearrange your whole life to make way for your addiction.

Photo Credit: Aspire Wellness in California
Photo Credit: Aspire Wellness in California

Porn contains images, vocalizations, and events to trigger the release of endorphins in your brain. The body’s natural response to such stimulation can have the same effect as powerful substances and alcohol abuse. When you suffer from an addiction, your body makes the chemicals you would otherwise need to take become addicted, explains the Mayo Clinic. Take a look at how pornography viewing progresses from something minor to a life-changing addiction.

Stages of Pornography Addiction

Stage 1: Early Exposure

Early exposure occurs early in life. For example, a teen boy may see pornography in school, on the internet, or when spending time with friends. Early exposure may also occur when a young child is sexually abused. This initial exposure sets the stage for the development of the addiction.

Stage 2: Addiction

As a person begins to watch porn on a regular basis, it becomes an integral part of life. Thinking about porn begins to permeate each part of life, and soon, a person starts thinking more about different types of porn.

Stage 3: Escalation

Over time, the images in porn start to stop causing have the same mental and physical response in the body. As a person continues to seek the thrill of porn, he may look for more graphic, more intense types of porn. What a person may have viewed as disgusting at first becomes intriguing and exciting.

Stage 4: Desensitization

At some point, the newfound excitement in disturbing images stops providing the same thrill. Even severely graphic, degrading, and malicious porn stops providing excitement. In a strong withdrawal reaction, the person becomes desperate to find the same thrill. Unfortunately, this leads to the last stage of pornography addiction.

Stage 5: Acting Out Sexually

Since the images no longer provide the thrill, people, albeit it more commonly men, may begin to start acting out scenes from their favorite porn videos. Some porn videos may have pseudo-depictions of horrid, illegal activities. Some ways of acting out sexually include the following:

  • Attempting to see others in the nude in public.
  • Hiding in restrooms to catch a glimpse of nudity.
  • Engaging in role-playing sexual behavior.
  • Engaging in public sexual activities, such as public masturbation.
  • Engaging in violent sexual behavior.

Pornography Addiction Counseling to Overcome Porn Addiction in Utah

As with any type of addiction, counseling can help a porn addict overcome the addiction. By understanding how it developed, what causes the emotional, exciting reaction to porn, and how to address these thought processes, an addict can begin working to stop pornography addiction.

If you, a loved one, or a friend have experienced the beginning or late stages of pornography addiction, please contact us today. We would like to help you through porn addiction counseling. If you’re reading this, you still have time to stop porn addiction. Contact Pathways Real Life Recovery at 435-228-6967 for a free assessment opportunity.

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