Sober Companion Utah

What is a Sober Companion?

Sober companions are seasoned professionals that bridge the gap between rehab into long term recovery. Utah sober companions are people who help clients in early recovery, or following relapse, to take the skills they learned in treatment, and apply them to their home lives.

Utah sober companions are people who help clients in early recoverySober companions are sometimes referred to as a sober coach, sober buddy, or simply a recovery companion. A recovery companion is not just for those recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism; but can be used to help co-occurring issues, mental health disorders, psychiatric concerns, and is available for adults and adolescents.

Recovery companions work to provide daily living support, and each day helps the client to create the building blocks necessary for lasting recovery. The goal is to build a supportive relationship, and to help clients become more self-reliant every day.

Recovery Companion Services Utah

Pathways offers recovery companion services in Utah that are carefully crafted to support client needs, and to help them reach achievable recovery goals each day. We truly customize our services in order to address each client’s individual needs and interests. Our recovery companions come from many diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. We will match the client with a recovery companion that is similar to them based on age, gender, interests, client needs, and other factors. A recovery companion from Pathways Real Life Recovery will reinforce our company’s healing principles, and may stay with the client 24 hours a day to prevent relapse, and to help them deal with undesirable thoughts or behaviors in a healthy way.

A recovery companion is usually hired for 10-14 days, however, this can greatly vary depending on the client. Someone who is a serial relapser or was treated for a severe addiction, may require additional time to effect meaningful change, especially if there is a co-occurring disorder or family life issue. A recovery buddy may be hired to provide 24/7 care, to be available on call or to chaperon certain activities.

A sober recovery buddy helps strengthen a client’s foundation for success in the following ways:

  • Reinforce the positives of remaining sober
  • Address areas that may present roadblocks to recovery
  • Facilitate the process necessary to remain free from drugs and alcohol
  • Help practice recovery skills
  • Coach may search client’s home for stashed drugs or alcohol
  • Maintain focus on wellness
  • Support the client through day-to-day challenges from everyday activities or during periods of heightened vulnerability
  • Help transition the client from treatment to their home life
  • Assist client in becoming more physically active
  • Introduce the client to healthy environments and peers
  • Provide real companionship
  • And more

If you or someone you know would benefit from having a recovery companion, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah at 435-228-6967 today!


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