Utah Adolescent Treatment

Utah Adolescent Treatment Programs

Pathways Real Life Recovery offers outpatient adolescent treatment in Utah for substance abuse, mental illness and/ or behavioral disorders. If you are the parent of a teen or adolescent, then you understand that the teenage years are a period of immense physical, psychological, and emotional changes. The teenage years can also be a time filled with peer pressure, depression and social anxiety. Pathways Real Life Recovery offers outpatient adolescent treatment in Utah for substance abuse, mental illness and/ or behavioral disorders. Our compassionate staff works with schools and other health care professionals to develop a customized treatment plan to stabilize symptoms and meet each young adult’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs. We promote a unique approach to healing adolescents that involves strength based therapies, education, and strong family involvement. Family members will be involved in an adolescents’ recovery in order to lead the whole family to self-discovery and healing. Staff works with family members to teach them to handle issues they anticipate may arise after discharge form our Utah program.

Treatment for Conduct Disorder in Adolescence

Conduct disorder is a common problem in adolescence. Primary characteristics of conduct disorder includes lying, aggression, antisocial behavior, theft, vandalism, running away, destruction of property, and repeated violation of known rules. Conduct disorders in teens have biological and psychological factors. Treatments for conduct disorders generally include family therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and possible medication management.

Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Treatment for adolescent addiction in out Utah facility is for teens. We obtain a holistic view of an adolescent’s mental health status, substance abuse, alcohol use, physical health, mental health, cognitive development, education, and family in order to create a unique treatment plan for your teen.

Adolescent Drug Treatment

Drug use can stunt an adolescent’s physical, social, and emotional development. Pathways Real Life Recovery will work with the adolescent to get to the underlying cause of their drug use, and will also work with the whole family to create a caring home environment. Pathways Real Life Recovery Utah Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Adolescent Alcohol Treatment

Our dual-diagnosis treatment program will work not only to stop the pattern of alcoholism in adolescents, but also to treat underlying mental health issues. Common treatments for alcohol addiction recovery in adolescents include cognitive and behavioral therapies, teaching coping skills, stress reduction, family therapy, random UA’s, and more.

Adolescent Depression Treatment

Pathways offers treatment for depression in adolescence. Teen depression symptoms can vary, but typically include irritable mood, insomnia, appetite disturbances, apathy, loss of interests, sadness, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and lack of motivation. This altered mood impairs life and has the potential to produce a significant negative impact on the adolescent’s life. Treatment for depression often entails individual and family therapy, self-esteem therapies, teaching conflict resolution, and possible prescription of antidepressants.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment

Both male and female adolescents can be affected by eating disorders, and whether it is Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or Binge Eating Disorders (BED), Pathways can help! Because the adolescent body is developing, it needs food to function, and starving takes a significant toll on an adolescent’s health. Teens may use food to cope with painful emotions or challenging life situations. Factors that often contribute to adolescent eating disorders include trauma, emotional neglect, influences from media, bullying, peer pressure, and/ or athletic involvement. Treatment for eating disorders in adolescents often includes a psychological assessment, addressing co-occurring disorders, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family therapy, individual therapy, nutritional counseling, and self-esteem therapies. Pathways provides behavioral health treatment to adolescents for treatment of oppositional, aggressive, and defiant behaviors.

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Pathways provides behavioral health treatment to adolescents for treatment of oppositional, aggressive behavioral, and defiant behaviors. Even with teens and young adults who strongly resist treatment, we work in a caring and effective manner. Common treatments for adolescent behavioral health problems often include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, parent management training, and family therapy.

Adolescent Treatment Centers Utah

Pathways Real Life Recovery’s adolescent treatment programs offers a personalized approach to every teen based on their needs and goals. By taking the time to understand each client, our tailored programs have an 85% success rate. We are fully staffed with medical doctors, licensed counselors psychologists, self-esteem coaches, clinical social workers, trauma professionals and recovery specialists. To learn more about our Utah adolescent treatment programs, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery at 801-895-3006 for a free assessment opportunity.

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