Alcoholism Treatment Program

Alcohol Rehab Utah

Pathways Real Life Recovery Alcohol Rehab Center – Utah Addiction TreatmentPathways is an in-home, family oriented alcohol treatment, and is NOT a 12 step rehab program. Our comprehensive therapeutic model is solution focused, and we will create a custom alcohol treatment program to meet your specific needs with where you are in life, and based on what level of care you are ready for.

Pathway’s alcoholism treatment program works to get to the root cause of a person’s drinking, and then works to eliminate unhealthy beliefs or actions that lead to alcohol addiction. We help our clients to see their self-worth by teaching them the skills and giving them the tools to learn to love and value themselves again. By helping individuals to realize their own worth, it opens up the doors to make a permanent conscious decision to stop drinking alcohol. Our more confident clients can then take their newly learned skills to avoid triggers or to control situations that lead to relapse. Pathways in Utah puts a support system in place to help those suffering from alcohol addiction to eliminate triggers that make them want to drink. Pathways provides 24/7 counseling support, so day or night, we are there for you!

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

Therapies used to treat alcohol addiction in our Utah clinic may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health assessment – Dual diagnosis of drug, alcohol, or mental
  • In-home alcohol treatment and family support
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Sober companion
  • Prescription management and testing
  • Self-esteem training
  • Supportive attendance of court hearings and medical appointments
  • Vocational and life skills training
  • Life coaching
  • Individualized alcohol addiction treatment
  • Empowerment therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Alcoholism Treatment Rehabilitation Method Utah

Alcoholism treatment in our Utah program isn’t just for individuals struggling to quit drinking, but for the whole family. The person working to quit drinking will have an individual alcohol recovery treatment plan, but the family is encouraged to take part in the healing process. The family will be able to address their own concerns, and receive training and guidance as well. Pathways will work with the family to address alcohol addiction from the comfort of the family’s home. The whole family will learn how to empower their loved one, as opposed to enabling their alcohol addiction. Family support during alcohol rehabilitation greatly improves therapy outcomes by allowing your family to become a strong support network.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Utah

Pathway’s alcohol rehabilitation program takes a multi-faceted approach to alcohol dependency in order to best help those suffering from the addiction. We treat those seeking alcoholism treatment with the respect, confidentiality, and comprehensive care that every person is entitled to. Pathways is fully staffed with caring and experienced Alcohol Addiction Specialists, Addictionologist (MD), Medical Doctors (MD), Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors (LMFT), Recovery Specialists, Life Coaches, Self-Esteem Experts, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and EMDR (Trauma) professionals. Our in-home, real life alcohol recovery program has a success rate of 85%.

If you or a loved one are ready to obtain freedom from alcohol addiction, and become a healthy, whole individual, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery in Tooele for a FREE individual assessment by calling 801-895-3006 today. We take most health insurance plans.


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