Client Reviews

Pathways really helped me through a dark time in my life. Thanks to their personal touch, I was finally able to get clean, and have stayed that way for good.
Molly R.
“After my wife and I divorced, we started to feel disconnected from our daughter. Eventually, our daughter started getting involved with drugs and our relationship struggled even more. Trying to help here we came to Pathways and actually received a lot of help ourselves. We were coached in how to talk with our daughter in a way that she felt helped her, instead of pushed her further away. I can’t say enough about the help we have received from pathways.”
James D.
My teen was abusing pills, alcohol, pot, you name it. I was at my wits end and struggling to find a program that my daughter would participate in. We have tried 12 step programs and church programs and nothing was working. Finding Michelle was such a blessing in my life and had this way of connecting with my daughter almost instantly. I was extremely grateful for the family support that we received. My wife and I were completely drained and Pathways therapists worked with me and my wife to learn to be a team and helped teach us how to be firm in our our rules but still supportive. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect treatment program. My daughter has been sober now for 8 1/2 months and has the spark back in her eye that I havent see for many years. Thank you Pathways! I dont know where my family would be without you
Carl C.
Fear had overtaken my life and nothing was good enough for my parents or for me. After finding Pathways, I now know that I am worthy and valued by myself and others..
Testimonial - Salt Lake City, Utah
Dear Michelle,

Thank you for all you have done for Ashley and me! Pathways is changing our lives. Ashley has been to 3 out-of-state and a couple of in-state treatment facilities in the past 6 years. Nothing seemed to work. It has been very frustrating. We hit so many dead-ends in treatment options. Their approaches were textbook, one-size-fits-all, and did not meet the needs of the individual.

And then, miraculously, we found Pathways. This is such a wonderful program. Everyone has been so nurturing and caring. There is real, genuine concern. You have all gone the extra-mile. No one gave up when the going got tough. You have all been there when Ashley had set backs and have helped in so many countless ways. You and your staff have made such a difference. Your program is so positive and uplifting. There is always cheerful encouragement and optimism. Your program has fortified and strengthened her inner self, and has renewed and restored her broken spirit.

You have all become such a part of our lives and have opened so many doors for Ashley. She has found reasons to be happy, love life, and she is learning to love and believe in herself again. She is learning to trust again, and is starting to open up to those who work with her. I can see her using some of the skills that she was taught. I see light in her eyes, her bubbly laugh is back, and her face glows when she is smiling!

The Monday night groups are inspiring and informative. They have given me new perspectives and insights into so many things. The Firewalk forever changed my life. I went out of my comfort zone and overcame a fear. I learned that “Anything Is Possible.” It was phenomenal. I would love to do it again! I hope that we can still be a part of Pathways Treatment Team, and continue to utilize the wonderful services that you offer. I will forever hold Pathways and all of you near to my heart.

Thank you again. I appreciate you, your staff, and Pathways.
Marion Felt

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