Pathways Real Life Recovery - Addiction Recovery Services

We are a Behavioral Treatment Center providing
services for Addiction Recovery, Substance Abuse
Treatment, Anxiety Disorders and More!

Our programs are custom tailored to each individuals needs. Featuring a
higher success rate than any other therapy & treatment solution in the country.

Our treatment team is available 24/7
Pathways Real Life Recovery offers outpatient adolescent treatment in Utah for substance abuse, mental illness and/ or behavioral disorders.

Utah Adolescent Treatment
For Behavioral Issues

Mental Health Services and Drug / Alcohol Addiction.

Helping Utah Teens &
Families Reclaim Their Lives
Pathway’s mental health counseling works to strengthen individuals and families using our integrated approach to promote healthy lifestyle changes, encourage growth, and invite personal discovery.

Mental Health Services &
Family Counseling Offers
Healing That Works

You don't have to face it alone..
Start on your pathway to recovery
Pathways Real Life Recovery knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction, and that is why we create a personalized substance abuse treatment program around each person’s individual wants and needs.

The Best Drug Addiction
Treatment Program in Utah

We are not a 12 step program. We are
a discovery,empowerment & solution
driven Utah addiction recovery program

Why Choose Pathways Real Life Recovery

Pathway Real Life Recovery in Utah builds treatment programs designed around each unique client to help individuals and families overcome their unhealthy beliefs, which often interfere with their ability to sustain long-term change.

Regardless if the issue is within an individual, relationship or family unit – Pathways finds a REAL solution! Our system implements life principles that allow the client and family to heal, strengthen, and fully recover.

Services will take place at the Sandy location. Click here for more information on this location.

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What is Pathways Real Life Recovery?

Pathways is an evidence-based treatment program that focuses on the value from within, and not on the symptoms, to effectively treat addiction & mental health issues.

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How Does Pathways Treatment Work?

Pathways Real Life Recovery Program embodies a holistic plan of attack to therapy; we treat the person, not just the isolated problematic tendencies.

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How long has Pathways Been Around?

Pathways Real Life Recovery has been healing residents of Utah since 2007. Our approach to recovery is based on 30 years of groundwork.

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