Genetic Testing Utah

Utah Genetic Testing for Personalized Medication Management

Pathways Real Life Recovery offers genetic testing at our Utah facility. Genetic testing is defined as the analysis of DNA, proteins and other metabolites. which are used to learn information about a person’s genetic make-up.

Genetic-testing-center-utah-prescription-drugsEvery single person has unique, complex genetic characteristics that determine eye color, whether we are prone to developing certain diseases or disorders, and even how we respond to medications. Genetic testing is an invaluable service for anyone prescribed medications that aren’t providing the right results, or if you’re experiencing dangerous side-effects from medications.

Because of each person’s genetic variations, the way our bodies process drugs varies from person to person. What works well for one person may cause serious side effects in another. With dozens of medications that treat the same condition, genetic testing evaluates your unique genetic makeup.

Pathways uses the information gathered from a genetic test to determine what prescription will be the most effective AND what dosage. Genetic testing only needs to be done once in your lifetime, as your genes do not change with age.

How Genes Affect the Way Prescription Drugs Work?

Your genetic make-up gives your body instructions for creating enzymes; your body uses enzymes in order to break down drugs, so your body can use them. Every person receives genes from their maternal and paternal side, and these genes affect the speed and effectiveness of enzymes in your body. Differences in your body’s metabolism determines how you process prescription drugs, how long they stay in your system, and intensity of a drug’s pharmacological action. Some metabolize a drug so rapidly that therapeutically effective blood and tissue concentrations are not reached; in others, metabolism may be so slow that usual doses have toxic effects.

Let’s look at the different ways our genes affect the way we metabolize drugs:

  • Poor Drug Metabolizer: Your body is slow to break down (metabolize) drugs. Slow metabolizers may cause too much of a drug to stay in your system, and cause dangerous side effects. In some instances, your body may not be able to break down drugs to their working form at all.
  • Extensive Drug Metabolizer: Your body metabolizes drugs at a normal rate.
  • Ultra-Rapid Drug Metabolizer: Your body is so fast to break down drugs that they may be cleared from your body before they have had a chance to effect a therapeutic response.

Now here’s the tricky part; you may metabolize anti-depressants at an ultra-rapid rate and metabolize pain pills at a normal rate. If there’s an understanding of what types of drugs you metabolize and at what rate, your doctor will be able to know which drug to prescribe and the proper dosage.

Genetic Testing Cost

Medical ideas - blank prescription and stethoscope - 1 to 1 ratioThe cost for genetic testing to be done is usually a couple hundred dollars. Depending on insurance coverage and the reason for genetic testing, your insurance provider may cover all, or a portion of the cost. Genetic testing costs are often off-set by the money and sanity you save by getting the right medication the first time around. Not only will you avoid wasting money on medications that may or may not work, you can avoid a dangerous side effects of some medications, and this can be especially important when dealing with clients with depression or like disorders.

Genetic testing only needs to be done once in your life, as your genetic make-up does not change over time. Due to the fact that drugs are metabolized by a single enzyme, you may only require one test. After you are tested, you can keep the results and share them with your other healthcare professionals for the rest of your life.

Prescription Genetic Testing Center in Utah

Pathways Real Life Recovery in Utah offers genetic testing services for prescription management purposes. Tests are performed by licensed doctors and the results only take a few days to get back. If you or someone you know has struggled to find the right medication, contact Pathways Real Life Recovery at 435-228-6967 for more information.


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