Pathways Real Life Recovery

Utah Drug Treatment Center

Pathways is a Total Life Changer!

Through Pathways, a person goes beyond recovery and freedom from addictive and limiting behavior, to create a life of true, lasting meaning. A person living The Formula for a Meaningful Life does more than recover. They share their freedom, peace and confidence with others through service, to create real meaning.
  Our recovery programs are tailored to fit individual needs. Some of the programs we offer are:
Pathways Individualized Treatment is a Total Life Changer

Individualized Treatment

Our drug treatment programs are tailor fit to individuals needs. Some therapies we offer are:
  • Art Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
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Pathways Outpatient Program is a Total Life Changer

Outpatient Program

While other drug treatment programs in Utah take people out of the world and place them into the sterile environment of a treatment facility, Pathways Real Life Recovery helps people make changes in their own homes with the support of their loved ones.
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Pathways Residential Program is a Total Life Changer

Residential Program

Pathways is an in-home, family oriented alcohol treatment, and non 12 step rehab program. Our services are solution and empowerment based. We assist clients to learn to love and value themselves, because unhealthy beliefs lead people into addiction.
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